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Organisation and version control for your ProjectFile
Our Story 

Construction document management is one of the most tedious and time-consuming daily tasks. However, effective and efficient document control is absolutely crucial to any construction project. Without it, projects are hard to complete on time and budget, and even harder to defend. 

Our Vision 

To make essential details about your business and documents available when needed, in a way that doesn’t involve a lot of searching and complements the way teams already work. ProjectFile eases day-to-day operations and reduces time spent on searching through documents, filing and other repetitive tasks. 


No third-party software or training needed. ProjectFile personally organises documents to ensure each team member has quick access to the latest version. Smart organisation and storage creates one central location for all files during the lifecycle of any project. The ongoing activity log provides a quick view of project status to both client and team member.


How it works


Easy set-up

  1. Appoint a project co-ordinator to feed preliminary information

  2. ProjectFile compiles the information to create an easy-accessible storage area for all documents and files relating to a project

  3. An email is sent to all team members enabling them to access documents and send their own files

View and send information 

  1. The ProjectFile email contains relevant links taking you to all the current information ProjectFile holds

  2. Add your information by copying into any emails issuing information

  3. ProjectFile takes care of storing files and makes sure latest versions are easily accessible

Architecture Model Sketching
Man Hands On Keyboard

One-click access to the latest version

  1. Issue sheets are paramount to ProjectFile

  2. For every issue sheet click directly on a document title to open the latest version

File integrity and security

  1. Once uploaded, no team member can edit files - creating an untouched document version lifespan

  2. Sensitive information can be password protected and/or access restricted 

Combination Lock

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